Reaching All of Aurora’s Major Markets

Your ad in Aurora Guide gets GREAT results for an entire year

Aurora Guide readers enjoy lively, upbeat articles about what makes Aurora great. And, they use the fact-filled informational listings for Arts, Events, Sports, and Family Fun all year long. Couple this with a terrific Relocation Guide and a Visitor Guide packed with ideas, and you have a magazine that’s used and enjoyed throughout the year!

By targeting residents and visitors, Aurora Guide offers a tremendous advertising opportunity. The extensive readership, and a shelf life of at least a year, provides your ad with an audience greater than 250,000!


Reach … ResponseResults!

One ad in Aurora Guide
gives you an entire year of marketing results

Aurora Guide has been designed to get maximum impact for your ad through our huge press run distributed through nearly 300 outlets to reach locals, newcomers, visitors, and the military.

Distribution outlets include restaurants, retail shops, newcomer & relocation packets, hotels and conferences, visitor services, public buildings, real estate offices, new military personnel, display racks and sidewalk boxes.

This is what makes Aurora Guide special: 

  • Shelf life for one full year
  • Repeat response from many thousands of readers
  • Reaches into every important customer market in Aurora!

Aurora Guide Special Sections

Arts & Events

Aurora offers a rich variety of cultural events, family fun, festivals and day trips. Only Aurora Guide gives readers a full year’s worth of info in one easy to use magazine.

Visitor Services

Aurora Guide is distributed to thousands of visitors prior to their arrival. It helps them find lodging and plan activities during their stay… including a potential visit to YOUR business! And, many thousands more read the guide after they arrive in their hotel or friends’ home.


Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Aurora with our handy guide to hiking, biking, parks, water sports and MUCH more.

Relocation Guide

When you locate in Aurora, you get an Aurora Guide. Everybody does! It’s a state law!!

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